About the company AURORA MASHZAVOD Ltd.RUS

The Russian machine-tool company AURORA MASHZAVOD Ltd. specializes in the production of CNC metal-working machines and integration of modern technologies of technological processes automation that meet the needs of the industry.

The main production site of AURORA MASHZAVOD is located in the city of Samara on the basis of Samara Machine-Tool Plant.
In 2015 AURORA MASHZAVOD signed license agreements for local production in Russia with manufacturers of metal-cutting machines: GOODWAY Machine Corp., AWEA MECHANTRONIC CO., Ltd., DAH LIH Machinery Industry Co. Ltd, pipe processing machines: SOCO Machinery Co. Ltd., hydraulic presses: DEES Hydraulic Industrial Co., Ltd. (Taiwan), and the manufacturer of gantry systems for processing pipes and sheet metal - MICROSTEP, spol. s. r. o. (Slovakia).

Since 2015, AURORA MASHZAVOD has been implementing a plan of gradual industrial localization in accordance with the Russian Federation Government Decree No. 719 of 17 July 2015.

In addition, since 2015 AURORA MASHZAVOD has been a member of the Russian machine-tool industry association "Stankoinstrument" and accredited member of Skolkovo Technopark. Being an industrial partner of Skolkovo, AURORA MASHZAVOD provides technology services to startup companies.

Our production have been furnished with a variety of universal turning and milling machines, CNC machining centers, plasma cutter, induction heating device, press equipment, drilling and band saw machines, as well as an assembly shop with welding stations.
The goal is to fulfill both single and long-term orders using existing equipment. Taking into consideration customers’ requests and level of competitors’ availability, company’s management has decided to develop two prospective processing methods – flow forming for producing hydraulic cylinder barrels out of pipe billet, and high-precision laser cutting of electrical steel for producing parts of stator, rotor and magnet.

AURORA MASHZAVOD continues to acquire and update its production equipment for increasing the localization of components and units manufactured by the company.


CNC turning lathes:

Horizontal lathes and turret lathes A-13P255063

   High horizontal lathe turret CNC machine is designed for turning heavy parts with high accuracy. To ensure these high requirements, the machine is equipped with powerful, high-torque drives, increased turret and strengthened executive units, which makes it possible to handle the details of hard materials and ensures high productivity.





   Model A-13T154333, A-13T204333

High horizontal lathes and turret lathes allow you to perform a wide variety of turning and use of drive units turret milling operations, drilling, tapping and so forth. These machines solve the most common and most extensive task of turning parts; they are designed to provide maximum effectiveness.





Sliding head machines CNC:

            CNC model A-11A20

The machine is designed for high-volume mass production of parts and automatic cycle of rods of different materials, such as steel, aluminum, copper, titanium, etc. It can handle turning and milling operations, drilling and tapping.






  VERTICAL-milling machining center column type CNC

       CNC models: A-6V65, A-6VA102, A-6VA125

Vertical milling CNC machining centers are designed for processing of complex body parts in stand-alone mode and as part of flexible manufacturing systems. The machines produce rough and finish machining workpieces, perform a variety of technological transitions: milling of planes, ledges, grooves, windows, etc., drilling, reaming, boring smooth and stepped holes on exact coordinates; threading, processing of external and internal surfaces, and so on.



 Prospectives for development

One of the promising areas of activity for AURORA MASHZAVOD is production of C-type «АМ-СР» series hydraulic presses for stamping metals with force from 50 to 800 tons. These presses can be equipped with optional features such as lower hydraulic damper or ejector, extractor in the slide, light barriers for forming zone, external T-shape operator stand, oil cooler.









The second direction is the production of thermal cutting machines. The first thermal cutting machine of AMPR Master series was released in 2016. AMPR Master is a universal p

ortal machine for sheet metal cutting by means of oxy-fuel and plasma cutting technology.
The machine has an enhanced table of 6000 × 2500 mm, is equipped with plasma and gas torches, 400-amp current source and filtering device.

  Among the prospective development areas of AURORA MASHZAVOD is production of machines for bending tubes and profiles, and band saw machines.



Actual and mailing address:
4 bldg. 2, Sharikopodshipnikovskaya street, Moscow 115088, RUSSIAN FEDERATION
Business hours:
Monday – Thursday: 9-00 to 18-00
Friday: 9-00 to 16-45