About the company AURORA MASHZAVOD Ltd.RUS

The Russian machine-tool company AURORA MASHZAVOD Ltd. specializes in the production of CNC metal-working machines and integration of modern technologies of technological processes automation that meet the needs of the industry.

The main production site of AURORA MASHZAVOD is located in the city of Samara on the basis of Samara Machine-Tool Plant.

In 2015 AURORA MASHZAVOD signed license agreements about local production in Russia with manufacturers of metal-cutting machines: GOODWAY Machine Corp., AWEA MECHANTRONIC CO., Ltd., DAH LIH Machinery Industry Co. Ltd, pipe processing machines: SOCO Machinery Co. Ltd., hydraulic presses: DEES Hydraulic Industrial Co., Ltd. (Taiwan), and the manufacturer of gantry systems for processing pipes and sheet metal - MICROSTEP, spol. s. r. o. (Slovakia).

Since 2015, AURORA MASHZAVOD has been consistently implementing the plan of gradual increasing production localization degree in accordance with the Decree of the Government of the Russian Federation of 17 July 2015, No. 719.

Since 2015 AURORA MASHZAVOD has been a member of the Russian machine-tool industry association "Stankoinstrument" and accredited member of Skolkovo Technopark Innivantion Center. Being an industrial partner of Skolkovo, AURORA MASHZAVOD provides technology services to startup companies.

AURORA MASHZAVOD production lines have been furnished with a variety of universal turning and milling machines, CNC machining centers, plasma cutter, induction heating device, press equipment, drilling and band saw machines, as well as an assembly shop with welding stations. AURORA MASHZAVOD continues to acquire and upgrade its production equipment to increase localization deegree of components and units manufactured by the company.



models: A-13T15, A-13T20

The A-13T Series high-speed horizontal CNC turning centers (CNC lathes) have rigid construction and high precision linear guide ways and designed to maximize productivity and profitability. The one-piece bed casting structure rigidity has been increased by more than 30% by using Finite Element Methods (FEM). A-13T15 and A-13T20 machines are capable of performing heavy-duty turning and maintain long-term high accuracy. More rigidity also means extended tool life. And long list of options allows to fully tailor machines to customer’s specific needs.


models: A-13P255063

The A-13P Series high-performance horizontal CNC turning centers are engineered to handle heavy-duty turning applications with superb accuracy. Powerful high torque motors, super rigid box way construction, and large diameter servo indexing turrets allows to bring you the ultimate machining power.

The A-13P255063 machine performs faster cycle times with heavier cuts, faster machine movements, and provides cutting of tough material efficiently. High reliability and durability of the machine will help you to be more competitive and profitable.



models: A-11A16, A-11A20, A-11A32, A-11A42

The A-11A Series CNC swiss-type turning centers provides up to 9-axis control and 4-axis coordinate motion by using high-speed built-in spindle, complete tooling system and flexible design of hybrid guide bush. The A-11A Series provides turning, milling, drilling, tapping and other complicated operations for small-envelope parts high-accuracy machining. Due to design features, the A-11A Series is excellence for such mass production industries as automobile, electronic, clock/watch, medical equipment and other related industry.


models: A-6VA65, A-6VA102, A-6VA125

The A-6VA Series CNC high performance vertical milling machining centers based on super rigidity structure and three axes high precision linear guide way design with fast arm type automatic tool change system and chip conveying system provides fast, strong, stable machining performance. Based on innovative technology, machines specialized on high precision parts and mold machining industry. It can fully present high precision and high efficiency machining ability with very reasonable cost. Combining strong machining capability and superior quality, the A-6VA Series fulfills various machining requirements along with stable accuracy and long-lasting durability.




Actual and mailing address:
4 bldg. 2, Sharikopodshipnikovskaya street, Moscow 115088, RUSSIAN FEDERATION
Business hours:
Monday – Thursday: 9-00 to 18-00
Friday: 9-00 to 16-45